About Us

RS Advisors is an engineering service company founded by engineers with more than 20 years experience  in significant positions for construction of civil and infrastructure works.
We work directly with our clients, providing construction inspection, management services and supply of special equipment for the construction of prefabricated concrete elements both civil, industrial and infrastructure works with special focus on railway, metro and tramway market .
This technical knowledge and experience gained in several years consent to improve your project because we are better prepared than our competition to solve problems and reduce costs.
Our skills range from management of straightforward construction projects to turn-key realizations as testified by our Clients’ references gained in these years.
In addition, our staff has worked under the supervision of resident engineers on many state projects. We often fill the role of design and management consultant, project manager or resident inspector for local firms in state funded projects.
Our Associates are familiar with the local work procedures manual, railway supestructure construction recording and accounting procedures, construction manual and standard test methods.
We cover all construction fields with particular focus on railway, metro and tramway superstructures and construction and management of prefabricated prestressed concrete plants both civil, infrastructure and industrial works.

Environmental Policy & Sustainability

RS Advisors has always supported environmental policy by putting environmental sustainability as the first point in all its projects in compliance with current laws and aware that the environment is a precious asset to be preserved and handed down to future generations.

Innovation, Research & Development

Innovation, Research, and Development are the bases in every work activity to achieve the expected goals.  RS Advisors has always focused on particular attention to these aspects to allow to its Clients to utilize the best and innovative technologies available on international market for whole their projects.


Our strategy is to offer to our clients a whole and global service in the field of construction activities with particular focus on railway metro and tramway superstructure and prestressed prefabricated concrete technology. We are confident in our ability, flexibility and multi-technological skills which will contribute to realize your significant projects.